Talking Strength with Hunter Schurrer

Jan 21, 2021

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Coach Hunter has almost a decade of experience working with the Army's Special Forces or Green Berets and talks to us today about how to achieve a level of strength that increases durability and performance.  Check out Hunter on Instagram @theperformancesyndicate.   

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2:00 - What is strength?

4:00 - Strength for the tactical athlete 

5:00 - Programming 

10:11 - The Performance Syndicate 

11:55 - What strength is and what it really means 

12:15 - Clearing up misconceptions 

12:40 - The importance of educating yourself and the practical application of knowledge 

13:00 - Defining strength: what strength really is 

14:56 - Strength is the underlying factor for everything no matter what type of athlete you are

16:50 - Working in the tactical space and where to focus your effort as a tactical athlete 

22:30 - Where strength training fits into your programming 

25:43 - The Four Levels: Shit, Sucks, Good, and Great 

30:07 - No matter what stage you are at you need to take a self assessment 

30:25 - Even coaches need coaches 

33:35 - Don't be random, don't be inconsistent 

37:30 - Just being tired for tired's sake is not necessarily the mark of a good program 

39:00 - Random programming and other common mistakes of inadequate strength programs 

41:30 - Eliciting change 

 42:30 - Durability is the best marker for success

47:00 - A resource for education and evidence-based information to wade through the garbage 

 49:30 - Addressing and building off your weaknesses 

 51:20 - The different types of strength, how to identify what you need, and how to build your strength program from there 

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 54:20 - Advice to up and coming coaches: Reach out and build experience!

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