Shelton Stevens - 13 Bar Performance

Mar 29, 2022



6:30 What mindset do I need to have and how to build trust with my athletes?

9:45 Embrace the suck with your clients

11:20 Trust is everything and building relationships

15:00 A nonlinear approach to coaching

19:00 You don’t have to hit a PR every week

20:30 What are energy systems?

21:41 High Intensity Training will eventually plateau

22:55 Three Energy Systems

24:00 Nutrition trends can negatively impact performance

27:00 Recovery is important

29:05 Beyond the stripes

31:13 What’s next for 13 Bar?

35:20 Staying authentic - Instagram

40:00 Celiac Disease 

45:00 Overcoming obstacles

46:00 Having the right support system

53:00 Always ask why






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