Angel Cortes

Nov 21, 2020

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Angel is formerly of the 75th Ranger Regiment and is currently on his way to becoming a registered dietitian.  In this episode we discuss his background, what motivated him to enter the military and apply for special operations and his evolution into his current career path.  When he is not attending classes Angel runs the brand @the_og_pumpkin and holds special events for military veterans, servicemembers, and hopeful recruits.  You can also find Angel on IG @angelcortes175 or on his Youtube channel Ranger Cortes where he dishes out advice on Life, Regiment, and Nutrition.  

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3:26 - The country took care of my family and I, and I knew it was time for me to take care of my country 

4:40 - What led to Angel joining the Ranger Regiment

7:54 - The challenges and barriers of getting accepted into the Ranger Regiment

10:30 - Food first: not relying on supplements 

17:45 - The biggest mistakes made when preparing to go to ranger school 

20:13 - Words of advice for mental strength

21:47 - Your mind gives out way before your body does

23:12 - The stigma of not embracing your feelings 

27:00 - Going from Ranger to Registered Dietitian 

37:50 - Giving back to the community as a RD in WIC

40:46 - A lot of RDs feel stuck and pigeonholed in one specific practice area

42:00 - Where can I help the most people 

42:25 - The OG Pumpkin (@the_og_pumpkin)

52:10 - Follow and reach out to Angel on Instagram @angelcortes175

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