Nick Barringer: Baylor University and the "High Mileage" Tactical Athlete

dietitian nutrition tactical May 22, 2021

Nick Barringer is an active duty, Army officer (65C) who works in the field of nutrition and human performance. He previously had to opportunity to provide his dietitian expertise as a member of the Ranger Athlete Warrior program with the 75th Ranger Regiment. Currently, teaching our Army's future leaders at West Point for the Department of physical education.  (photo credit:

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3:09 - Program Overview: Baylor Graduate Program of Nutrition – Joint Base San Antonia TX

4:50 - AUG/SEPT talk to a recruiter!

8:10 - What is a high mileage tactical athlete?

13:00 - What are some things we can incorporate at that high mileage status?

13:30 - Rich Protein to maintain muscle mass

14:33 - Fueling your workouts

15:24 - Analysis of your micros

17:00 - Simple suggestions – seems simple but very few people actually do this

18:08 - Blood sugar management

19:00 - Appropriate protein intake for a tactical athlete

20:13 - Build your plate around protein

20:50 - Eat your vegetables!

22:30 - Never use BCAA powders! (yes, you read that right!)

25:10 - If you can eat chicken…eat some chicken.

26:00 - Training Programs: Are you following an enhanced athlete’s program?

27:15 - Recovery is key – What are some things to prioritize?

28:15 - No keto diets for our Tactical Athletes

29:30 - Ketogenetic diet is not good for high intensity training

30:55 - Special guest appearance

31:40 - Should tactical athletes follow intermittent fasting?

33:45 - Gut health: What are some of the things that damage our gut health? What can we do to improve our gut health?

35:35 - “These researchers think poop athletic supremacy. Are they right?”



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Essential Amino Acid Paper:

Fasting and Cognition Paper:

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Telomere Shortening and Accelerated Aging in US Military Veterans:



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