Essential Supplements for First Responders, Operators, and LEOs 

Protect your Brain, Body, and Health.  

Our guide on essential supplements for tactical athletes will show you which supplements can help you improve your performance, recovery, and health.

With our guide, you'll learn:

  • Which supplements are essential for tactical athletes
  • How to choose the right supplements for your individual needs
  • How to take supplements safely and effectively

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Learn the top 5 supplements that all firefighters, operators, LEOs, or anyone working in the tactical space should be taking for peak physical performance and cognitive health.    


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What supplements Tactical Athletes need to take protect themselves from hazardous work conditions  


What supplements can help protect the brain and make it more resilient 


The supplements needed to improve performance and cognition

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Susan Lopez has been creating actionable strategies and athlete programs for 12 years.  

She is dedicated to helping your reach your peak potential as a community member, family member, and human being.  

Susan served 6 years in the US Army, and has worked with multiple agencies and individuals including those from the special operations community.   Susan is married to a special operations service member and enjoys spending time with family and friends.