All The Tools You Need To Reach Your Strength Goals



Receive a downloadable Nutrition Calculator that gives your exact Calories and Macros




Get my simple, customizable, easy-to-use meal planner!


There are so many fancy meal planning tools on the market, AND they are SOOOO expensive.  

I am truly a believer that simplicity is king!  K.I.S.S. (Keep it Stupid Simple) method for me every time.  So I am going to give you guys my excel meal planner that I use to build out all my client meal plans.  It is 100% customizable so that you can add in your own favorite recipes and foods.  Instead of searching massive databases and wasting time, you will have the ability to program all your favorite meals in a fraction of the time it takes for you to log food every day in some tracker.  

Once your meals are planned - with your macros, calories, and individual percentages- you can print and go!  This template is usable an unlimited amount of times and can be modified at anytime for any specific program that you are using!  

That's freaking awesome!!!!


Get the missing pieces of your programming.

Get a 4-week template for strength training that you can customize and use over and over again as you get Stronger!

This Group is for you if:

  • You train hard but are not seeing the progress you want
  • You want to know and understand the WHY behind your strength training program 
  • Your current program is missing your nutrition plan and is limiting your gains 
  • You want more support and accountability than you are getting with your current program



Get Access to Coaches with over 20 years of combined experience.

"I couldn't understand why I wasn't seeing progress no matter how hard I trained.  Susan is a Jedi of the dietitian world. You'll gain insight into your own health and performance that you didn't even know was possible."


Susan Lopez RD, CSSD, NASM-CES

Susan is a Performance Dietitian who uses a periodized and pragmatic approach to nutrition that gets you to your goals.  She has been honing her craft for almost 10 years and takes a no non-sense approach to making sure you get results.  


Hunter Schurrer, CSCS, USAW L2

Hunter is the founder of The Performance Syndicate and a strength and conditioning coach with more than 17 years of experience at the Division 1 level and in Special Operations. His goal is to help empower those willing to take ownership of their life, through training. 

How does the program work?

  • Join Hunter and Susan as they take you through a full month of strength programming.
  • Everything you need to get stronger and keep progressing is included. 
  • Get exclusive access to the Stronger Community and ask questions, get support, and accountability.
  • Get a full month of strength training and a nutrition plan that you can customize for you!

Live Sessions are hosted on zoom with replays available on 




Week 1:  How to use your training program and start customizing your nutrition.  

  • Downloadable training template 
  • Calculate your calorie and macro needs

Week 2:  Progressing your training program 

  • How to progress training as you improve 
  • Dive into the WHY behind programming volume and intensity

Week 3:  Periodizing your nutrition for your training program and how to use it for all your future strength training.

  • Learn how to manage transitions, deloads, and tapers
  • Supplementation:  what works and what doesn't

Week 4:  What to do next and how to keep the gains coming!

  • Hitting new goals 
  • How to stay on track and what programming you should do next 
  • How to learn more about nutrition and other resources


Ask questions anytime via the Tribe Community.


The Right Program

The programming you want and need to get you to your STRENGTH potential.  A scalable resource that you can use again and again.  

The Right Nutrition Plan

Stopping guessing and missing out on getting peak results because your nutrition is lacking structure.  No need to buy a new meal plan with every new training program.  

The Right Community

Join a TRIBE of individuals who are as motivated and driven as you.  Get support, accountability, and a place to share your progress.  


Get to know your coaches!!

Tactical Dietitian on Juicing, Amino Acids, and Body Recomposition

For the same cost as some one and done programs, get training AND nutrition that you can use indefinitely!

Concepts in Developing Strength

$99.00 USD