Discover the 3-Step Blueprint That Helps First Responders and Special Operators Fight Fatigue, Boost Recovery, and Achieve Peak Performance

Webinar hosted by Susan Lopez, Applied Tactical Dietitian and Performance Coach


Unlock new levels of energy, recovery, and performance.


A common mistake tactical athletes make when planning nutrition and training that can sabotage their training efforts (and what to do instead)


Why anyone who wants to get stronger and run faster should avoid calorie counting!  New method shows smarter way to increase energy and gain muscle


The surprising reason tactical athletes have a hard time staying lean and at the top of their game

Elevate Your Program and Your Life

Are you tired of spinning your wheels with ineffective training programs and nutrition strategies? Do you want to break free from fatigue, enhance your performance, and achieve your peak potential?

In this Masterclass, I’ll share: 

✅The REAL reason many tactical athletes struggle with low energy and poor recovery 

✅The #1 missing element in most training and nutrition programs 

✅Why meal plans just don’t work for high performing tactical athletes 

✅How first responders and special operators can stay durable throughout their mid- to late-careers


Do Yourself a Favor...

See the strategy that I have used to help hundreds of athletes just like you achieve the results and life that they want.

Susan Lopez, Tactical Dietitian


Susan Lopez is an Applied Tactical Performance Coach and Dietitian best known for helping first responders and special operators achieve endless energy, top tier performance, and a better quality of life.  Susan has spent 12 years teaching these amazing selfless humans to get more for themselves by building a foundation of health and performance that puts them in the top 1% of their peers.  Susan has taught The Tactical Athlete Performance Method to hundreds of high performing athletes and reveals each step in this free training.  


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